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Hello, my name is Tim Cojocnean, founder of Orange County Employment Law Firm, I’d like to tell you a little bit about why I opened my firm.

My background working on Human Rights and Social Justice issues both locally and internationally exposed me to some of the most atrocious violations of employee rights. Handling high-stakes issues, such as assisting oppressed labor unions in Central America and Dominicans of Haitian descent impressed upon me the need for strong individual rights for employees everywhere. I started Orange County Employment Law Firm because too many honest, hardworking employees were being wrongfully terminated, or were getting unreasonably denied their workplace rights. I set out to build an Employment Litigation Law Firm that can take on even the largest companies in California in order to battle the widespread injustice that affects so many workers across California each and every day.

Whether it’s discrimination based on disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, race and gender, sexual harassment, or unpaid wages such as unpaid overtime or not receiving your lunch breaks, Orange County Employment Law Firm stays up to date on the latest developments in California employment law in order to best protect your rights, and get you the maximum compensation possible. Getting up and going to work is hard enough, and no one should ever have to endure the humiliation of harassment or discrimination, or the indignity of being forced to work without receiving lunch or rest breaks.

We can recognize immediately when an employer has implemented discriminatory or unlawful policies and practices that diminish employees’ rights, and can take the necessary steps to quickly and efficiently obtain due compensation.

Orange County Employment Law Firm believes that our clients are our biggest allies in achieving our goal of leveling the playing field in the California Workplace. We treat every client with tremendous heart and compassion. Most importantly, our staff treats each of our clients like they are our only client, because every person is more than just a case. Our clients allow us to make a real difference for employees across California, every, single, day.

Timothy Cojocnean - OC Employment Law Firm Founder

Timothy Cojocnean, Esq.
Orange County Employment Law Firm