Disability Discrimination Lawyer in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA Disability Discrimination Lawyer in Orange County
Disability Discrimination Lawyer in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA
Disability Discrimination

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At Orange County Employment Law, we are dedicated to defending the rights of workers. If you believe your employer mistreated or discriminated against you for having a disability, give us a call now for a free consultation. We specialize in employment law exclusively, which means that we have the knowledge of California employment law and relevant experience to best protect your rights in the workplace. We can immediately recognize unlawful or discriminatory practices, and can take the necessary steps to hold your employer accountable.

By choosing Orange County Employment Law, you’ll work with an attorney who is an expert in disability discrimination lawsuits, and receive a personalized experience that is largely unavailable through most large law firms. We operate on a 100% contingency-fee basis, which means that there are no out-of-pocket costs to open your case, and no fees until we obtain a settlement. We focus our attention on a limited number of cases, take the time to get to know our clients, and work hard to keep our costs low to ensure you get the maximum compensation possible.

Employees with a Disability Are Protected Against Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination based on a person’s disability or medical condition is quite common in today’s workplaces, however, there are both State and Federal laws in place to protect employees. In California, the FEHA (Fair Employment and Housing Act) provides that employees and applicants with physical and mental disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations to perform the essential functions of the job they seek or hold. Employers must engage in a timely, good-faith interactive process in response to a request for reasonable accommodation, and the failure to do so is an independent violation of the FEHA. Government Code §12940(n).

In other words, if you are disabled or become disabled during your employment, it is the responsibility of your employer to reach out to you as soon as they are aware of your disability so that together you may determine whether you are able to perform the essential functions of your job, either with or without a reasonable accommodation.

What are Examples of Reasonable Accommodations?

Reasonable accommodations may take many forms. For example, an employee may have a job that requires her to stand in place for long periods of time, and also have medical restrictions prescribed by her doctor that limit her ability to stand for extended periods of time. Although she cannot perform the essential functions of her job as is, an assistive medical device such as a stool would allow her to perform the essential functions of her job without issue. In this scenario, the employer would be required to allow her the use of a stool unless the employer can show that doing so would be an “undue hardship” on the employer.

Employer Retaliation Following a Reasonable Accommodation Request

Too often employers are either unwilling, or are ignorant toward their duty, to accommodate disabled employees and will retaliate against employees who request reasonable accommodations or require doctor-prescribed work restrictions. For example, employers might retaliate against an employee by:

  • Firing them
  • Reducing their hours
  • Refusing to respect doctor-prescribed work restrictions
  • Harassing them
  • Denying or refusing transfers or promotions
  • Reduction in pay

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If you feel that you have been discriminated or retaliated against for engaging in the protected activity of requesting a reasonable accommodation due to a disability, or asking your employer to respect doctor-prescribed work restrictions, you should call Orange County Employment Law Firm immediately to discuss whether or not you have a disability discrimination claim that entitles you to compensation. We are dedicated to employee protections and rights, and will provide the personalized attention you need for maximum results.

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