Meet Tim Cojocnean

Orange County Employment & Labor Law Attorney

Tim Cojocnean

Timothy Cojocnean’s passion for workplace justice and workers’ rights is boundless. His variety of experiences and in-depth knowledge of employment law make Timothy the ideal advocate for your rights in the workplace.

Timothy’s dedicated service to individual rights began in law school where he honed his skills as a student attorney for the International Human Rights Clinic. Handling high-stakes issues, such as assisting oppressed labor unions in Central America and aiding Dominicans of Haitian descent, Timothy gained a true appreciation for the individual’s need for strong representation. He also appeared before the United Nations to address violations surrounding water rights and contamination on behalf of community representatives from Flint Michigan.

Timothy’s selfless pursuit of justice also includes representing low-income employees across the Silicon Valley region on a pro bono basis while working at Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto. He gained valuable expertise handling a wide variety of California employment cases, including wage and hour claims, sexual harassment claims, failure to provide medical leave and reasonable accommodations, as well as discrimination claims based on disability, gender, and pregnancy.

Timothy received his Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from UC Santa Cruz and went on to graduate from Santa Clara University School of Law. Timothy is trilingual in English, Spanish and Romanian.

Meet Corey Hall


Corey Hall

Corey Hall’s experience at trial sets him apart from other attorneys. Having tried hundreds of cases, Corey is willing to fight in situations where other attorneys might fold and accept low-ball offers because they either lack the necessary experience required for trial or are simply unwilling to put in the time and effort. Comparatively, Corey is willing to confront any trial with the utmost confidence in his abilities. His experience and willingness to go to trial have earned him stellar results and satisfied clients who have received the maximum compensation owed. Whether you would prefer to settle your case early or take your case to trial, Corey will work to ensure you receive what you deserve and aren’t short-changed by defense attorneys.